Story 1: Meet Asian Mandy (2003)

Meet Mandy, a national in our university program from a neighboring country. She is a 22 year old vivacious Christian who is motivated to return to her country and do minority language development, including some Bible translation. Speaking four languages, she is very quick at picking up new languages and using the tools of semantics and translation from her training. She is developing into a very competent and motivated language worker. With her love for people and linguistics, we have strong hopes that God will use her in this region of the world.

Story 2: How Asian Joe came to God (2004)

How Joe came to God is a heartwarming story. He and Mandy (Story 1 above) are fellow-students at the local university. He came to this university as a non-Christian who needed an advanced degree in order to keep his job in his home country nearby. He was not as quick or bright as Mandy or the other students but he studied diligently. Joe also quickly responded to the love and care that he found in his fellow students and teachers who worked with him to help him succeed. Joe is currently being discipled in a student group at the university. He gave a testimony in a village in the area about the irresistible love of God found in His people. Joe will soon return to his country but he will be bringing God back with him.

    Story 3: VJ is What? (2001)

“VJ is doing what?!”

“VJ is working at the local market to make ends meet,” replied a colleague of mine working in this country. This news was rather startling to me. You see, VJ is a student of mine that has recently graduated with an MA in Linguistics from our program in the local university. A dedicated Christian from a tribal group, VJ is called by God to be a minority language developer (including some Bible translation) and trainer himself. With his new linguistics degree and giftedness in teaching, VJ can target a group of minority languages which speak his own mother tongue as a trade language in the region, but each minority group, itself, speaks a different mother tongue.

     People from these minority languages are crying out for help in language development of their own heart language. VJ is already training six of them and building strong relationships with them. But now VJ is having to work at the market to bring enough income in for him and his new bride. As a minority speaker in his own country, he is trying to raise his support for doing language development. It is really hard for him, comparable to an Eskimo knocking on igloos to raise support in Canada. Yet VJ is invaluable for the forward thrust in this region of Asia.  

      The work we do at this local university is invaluable in our ongoing vision to reach every language group. Many students like VJ have access to languages and areas of Asia that are more restricted to us. May God raise up more VJs.