Our work involves three main components:

Bible Translation,

Training others,

and using the Written Word to communicate God's love.


Shatikha Translation


We are advisors for the Shatikha Translation Project.

  • We spend about half of our work time directly involved in translating the New Testament into the Shatikha language
  • Shatikha is a pseudonym for a Bibleless people group in Asia
  • There are about 15,000 speakers in several countries
  • There are only about 50 Shatikha believers
  • Currently, we have completed over half of the New Testament
  • We hope to complete the New Testament by 2018
  • We also have an active Literacy Component that has trained mother-tongue teachers and hundreds of students across many villages

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We train nationals and others through the auspices of a small local university.

  • We spend half of our work time training nationals and others at this university
  • Doug's PhD in linguistics, allows him to build vision and mission into the next generation of workers
  • Many of our students go into full-time language development work back in their home countries

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The Written Word


We both like to write. And so, we work with the printed word in several ways.

  • Doug's writing primarily includes language research and journal publications, as part of his role with the university (He also writes poetry)
  • Connie is part of a writer's group and blogs
  • Connie also is writing an historical novel, Enlightenment, which is based on the life of a Shatikha lady
  • Connie will tutor and help edit English with some of our nationals who are in our university training programs

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